June 25, 2012

Musicians Angry at Spotify Need a Reality Check

Musicians angry at Spotify need a reality check. The consumer has changed, people don’t buy music anymore. They will steal in a heartbeat. You can’t make money selling music anymore and musicians need to figure out new ways to make money. That’s not Spotify’s fault. If anything, Spotify is just pulling some of the thieves away from piracy. Spotify at least pays SOMETHING to artists.

Digital has forever changed how people consume content. Musicians expecting people to suddenly buy albums again is like newspapers expecting people to start subscribing again. It just won’t happen without a major change in people’s buying preferences. Not likely. Thieves SUCK, but they’re your fans. Stop whining at them, musicians. Embrace them on their terms or you will miss out.

This rant inspired by: http://www.inc.com/maeghan-ouimet/spotify-good-for-musicians-or-labels.html

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