August 10, 2012

How to Get Notifications When Using Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great productivity tool. But it has one major drawback. No notifications for incoming messages or mentions! When someone is talking to me, I want to know immediately. This is especially important when managing brands. Response time can be important.

So here's a workaround I use so that I always know when something needs my attention. It's actually very simple - just use another program for your notifications.

Since you already have Hootsuite open in your browser, it makes sense to me to use a browser extension. This means you won't have any other applications wasting your memory or desktop real estate.

As long as the browser is running, this technique will work. You don't have to be on or even be working in the browser to get your notifications.

I use Chrome as my main browser, and I've tried a ton of social media extensions. For Facebook notifications, I like "Facebook Notifications". Think you can remember that? For Twitter, I like "Twitter Notifier". Rocket science, I know. There are many extensions out there, these just behave in a convenient and reliable way for me.

The cool thing about Twitter Notifier is that you can really customize what notifications you want.

You can also change the behavior of the notifications - like whether they go away after a few seconds or stay permanently.

With this setup, you can now have your cake and eat it to. You don't have to actually use the Chrome extensions for anything other than the notifications, but they do come with functionality for posting and viewing your mentions and comments.

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