August 10, 2012

Social Media Myth Confirmed #2 - Experts Do Exist

*Pulled from an old, longwinded blog post I wrote in July of 2011 titled "Four Busted Myths About Social Media...That Aren't Actually Busted"

Confirmed: Social Media Experts Exist

Social Media experts do not call themselves social media experts. Or gurus. Or ninjas. If you see one of these, you are almost certainly looking at someone who is new to the arena.

However, there are a lot of people that I would consider experts. If an expert is someone who has all the answers, then no - there are no social media experts. Nor financial experts. Nor art experts. Nor any marketing experts. But most elements of social media marketing are not new. The creative art, the science of human behavior, the data analysis, etc. are not new concepts. The tools are new.

We are still learning more and more about social media every day. There are new studies and new charts and figures flying left and right. But this will not stop until the internet stops evolving. In other words, never. There are professionals who can diagnose your business needs and create working solutions. Why can't we call them experts?

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