August 13, 2012

Using Hootsuite to Check the Status of Your Web Applications

Netflix stops working. Twitter is acting weird. Foursquare won't load. You wonder, "is it just me?" so you do a quick Twitter search to see what issues are going on. It's real-time. It works like a charm.

Well, I got tired of searching every time, so I just decided to try something this morning. I'm really not sure how useful it is, but hey - it's an experiment for now!

I made a dashboard that lets me view all of the support profiles for my most-used web applications. This lets me quickly see any problems, and may even clue me in when product updates are about to go live.

Right now, my dashboard has:
  • @hootsuite_help
  • @support (twitter)
  • @xboxsupport
  • @4sqsupport
  • @netflixhelps
  • @hulu_support
I could also add a stream that shows Twitter search results, like "facebook is down" or something to that effect. 

I've got Hootsuite, Xbox and Twitter in their own separate streams, and the rest all lumped into one stream. Twitter is just too noisy to be in a group - it would drown everything else out. And Hootsuite has broken twice in the last week, so I am keeping an eye on it.

To do this, I just made a Twitter list for each stream that I wanted. That lets me group accounts as I see fit. You can see my current public lists here:!/KennedyPittman/lists  Use them if you want or make your own.

This is obviously going to be the most useful for people who really need to constantly keep up with these support issues. 

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