August 17, 2012

Wordpress Plugins I Actually Use and Recommend

Just a few of my favorite wordpress plugins, in alphabetical order.

Content Aware Sidebars

Lets you create custom sidebars to place widgets in. I use it to easily change what widgets will show on different pages of my website.

Dashboard Site Notes

If you need to leave yourself notes, or if you share Wordpress with other team members, you can now leave notes and memos. I use it to keep track of my custom edits and leave notes for others. This way I can remember which plugins I'd manually edited, for example, so I don't update them accidentally.

Disqus Comment System

You've almost certainly heard of this. I really like Disqus, especially with the last update. But if you prefer Livefyre or tweaking the Wordpress default commenting system then I won't argue with you.

Easy Fancybox

It's easy. And it's Fancybox. Lets your visitors click images, YouTube videos, iframes, etc. and have the content open in sort of pop out shadowbox. Better than taking them to an empty webpage. See Fancybox in action here.

Hide Admin Bar

The last thing I want is that dumb admin bar at the top of my Wordpress page. I customized the code so it never ever shows up no matter what, but the default plugin still hides it until you mouse-over the top edge of your screen. **I read that the new version of Wordpress lets you turn the admin bar off in settings, so you may not need this plugin.

My Page Order

I got really tired of ordering my pages. This plugin lets you reorder them with drag-n-drop.

Page Links To

Lets you set up custom non-wordpress-page links. I mainly use this to link certain items to "#" with no destination. I also have a navigation item that links to an external website. You can't do that out of the box in Wordpress, the last time I checked.

Slick Social Share Buttons

If you just want to quickly add sharing buttons without coding - this plugin is pretty nifty. You can even add your API key so it will auto-shorten links with your account. Also works with a couple of other URL shorteners.

Special Recent Posts

Lets you create a sidebar widget for recent blog posts. Can generate thumbnails. You can edit the css to style it. Filter by category, exclude certain posts, etc.

W3 Total Cache

Lots of customization for caching your site, minimizing code, and more. In other words, your site will load faster. I also tried a different (highly rated) caching plugin, but I had issues getting it to work with my set up. I have a private staging domain that I edit from, and push content over to my "live" domain. This plugin worked, the other did not.

Wordpress-to-lead Salesforce CRM

If you happen to use Salesforce, this plugin lets you create custom forms and place them in your pages with a shortcode. Doesn't let you get very complex, but for simple text fields it is super easy.

What Say You, Ladies & Gents?

There are others that I have used and enjoyed, but I didn't feel they were worth mentioning since they either had major issues or were so incredibly specific that you would not likely use them. 

What plugins have you used and would recommend?


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