October 26, 2012

You Mac OS Already Has A Free Color Picker

I spent a long long time searching before I realized this, but Macs come with a color picker already installed. You can find the rgb or hex code of any color on your monitor, and quickly copy and paste it.

I use this to get a specific color to plug into my web coding and designs. You might have another use for it.

But the good news is, you don't have to pay for one of these!
In Applications/Utilities you will find "DigitalColor Meter.app". When you fire it up, the application will give you the color code of anything you point your cursor at.

I believe it defaults to RGB values. Obviously, 255,255,255 is white.
But you can go to the View menu and switch from decimal to hex values
And you're good to go! This blue is 85B1CD.
Of course, you're going to hate trying to type the code manually, so just copy it to your clipboard with Shift+Command+C and you can paste the code wherever you like.


  1. Sweet, this saves me a lot of time. thanks man

  2. yea, what that anonymous guy said!

  3. well god dang it! thx!

  4. This is amazing! Thank you SO much...works like a charm. Exactly what I needed

  5. Shift+Command+C wasn't working for me until I realized the DigitalColor Meter app has to be the application on top. Don't click to sample your color - just hover and Shift+Command+C. Thanks for let me know about this tool!