November 27, 2012

What Google Could Look Like, Sans White Space

The Real Google

What Google Would Look Like With Wider Wrappers

What Google Would Look Like With 3 Columns, Content Separated By Type

I dunno about you, but I could sure find what I was looking for a lot quicker in that last screenshot... but I'm sure they've done extensive testing and I am just taking crazy pills. They must make more money showing ads in their design.

Granted I have a 17 inch monitor, but there are much larger monitors out there. Its just strange since Google is pushing responsive web design so hard, yet their content max-width is 1040px.

And here's one more, on a search that has a ton of ads. Pretty obvious that the CTR would suffer if the yellow ad box isn't in the top left...but I just like it better this way :)

The Real Google With Many Ads

What Google Would Look Like With Many Ads, And Personalized Results Get Their Own Column

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