Ken Pittman


About Me.

Who Is This Guy?

I am a strategic marketing leader with 11 years of VP experience in B2B SaaS. I specialize in solving problems to unlock growth. I craft informed strategic visions, and then I execute without shying away from bold change or new projects. 

At Device Magic, I rebuilt the marketing engine for rapid new logo growth and a successful exit to private equity - and ultimately a merger with a former competitor. Prior to this, I was part of a small team that built TrueLook from 3 people into an eight-figure company. 


Personal Information

  • Status Available
  • Location Raleigh, NC or Remote
  • Email
  • Hobbies Family, guitars, being goofy, building things, breaking things


Web Dev, SEO, CRO

I build websites that drive organic traffic, with a focus on efficient conversion paths, A/B testing, and SEO.

Pipeline Gen

I spend a lot of effort optimizing paid ad campaigns for down-funnel metrics. I also have a strong focus on organic leads, content marketing, PR, and events.

Branding & Design

I'm not much of a freehand illustrator, but I have solid branding, layout, ad creative, and video design skills. Very handy skills which also aid in creative direction.


I'm focused on product-market fit, go-to-market strategy, and understanding the buyer's needs through research and advisory boards.